Turkish Embassy in Belgrade

Embassy Announcement

To The Attention Of The Graduate Scholarship Holders , 07.08.2013

Letter of Acceptance for masters and Ph.D. scholarship holders had been sent a week ago. It has been mentioned in the letter that Scholarship Agreement signing dates would be 05-16 August 2013. However, Agreement signing dates have been extended to 05-23 August 2013 as 07-10 August is religious holiday for Turkish Missions.
We recommend applicants to contact Turkish Embassy/Consulate after 12 August 2013.
Before contacting our diplomatic missions and signing the agreement please prepare these documents and bring original documents with you:
  • Passport or identity
  • Diploma or graduation certificate
  • Transcript
  • Health report
  • Scholarship holders must provide a proof of that indicates they are graduated even if they haven't received their Diploma yet.
Health report has to be issued by an official health organization within the last 3 months and indicate that the person is not infected by a contagious disease or by a disease that requires continued treatment.