Turkish Embassy in Belgrade

Ambassador's Message

I assumed the duty of Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Serbia with great honor and enthusiasm.

My primary purpose is to keep furthering the improvement of economic, political and cultural relations, which have developed in all fields in recent years between Turkey and Serbia, two neighboring countries without a common border. I sincerely believe that we can only achieve this goal together with you. First and foremost our Embassy, as well as all our institutions and organizations will continue to have their doors open to you.

Serbia, with which we share a rich common history and cultural background, has a pivotal position in the Balkans. Improvement in Turkey - Serbia relations has great importance, not only with regard to two countries, but also in terms of developing regional peace and stability. This common perspective shared by top officials of both countries, is our source of strength and morale in order to look to the future with confidence and to keep up increasing our efforts.


Steady increase of investments, rising observed in tourist numbers and our expanding foreign trade volume are promising as for relations between two countries to reach desired levels. We are aware that our potential is well above the current level of our relations. Interest of two countries and societies passes through a closer, more intense and diversified partnership. We are very glad to see that this vision for the future of our bilateral relations is shared by Serbian government and people too.

Enhancement of 
relations of Turkey and Serbia, which are sharing the same geography, not only has great importance for our peoples, but also for the prosperity and stability of the Balkans too. Joint responsibility of each and every one of us is to make peace and stability sustainable in this beautiful region, which is shared by different cultures and societies. This can only be attained through developing our relations in all fields. Current level of our relations and their potential enable us to look to the future with confidence and hope.   


With these feelings and thoughts, I greet respectfully each of you and express my gratitude.